The Butch/Femme Society
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The Butch/Femme Society

New York City's oldest and largest butch/femme social and support group. BFS is committed to providing social education, emotional support, and entertainment to the much ignored butch/femme community. Since 1989, we've strived for fair representation of every ethnicity, all age groups, and all social and occupational backgrounds. BFS has a strict non-exclusionary policy and is open to all lesbians and TG/TS who support the beautiful butch/femme dynamic.

The Butch/Femme Society
Meetings and Events

Open Monthly Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm at New York's Lesbian and Gay Center 208 West 13th St Manhattan. Call 212-388-2736 for any specific details. 





Wednesday, July 20- Open Meeting - 6:30 PM The Center NYC
















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Phone - (347) 709-0561
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Group Facilitator - Yvette Schneider

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